In a Click...

Assemble, Store and Present Data
And Tools In Ways That Improve
Your Ability to Decide And Act

Collect The Right Data And Design Actionable Layouts:

Synervizion enables you to collect data from multiple sources and arrange this information into layouts ready for use as needed.

  • Up to 4000 sources can be collected and presented in one layout
  • The User determines how to present the data, using templates inherent in the SynerVizion program
  • No User programming is required to design layouts
  • Layouts can be reconfigured quickly and easily from a library of choices
  • Launch a layout with data sources automatically refreshed
  • Virtually unlimited layouts can be stored, re-used and re-launched In A Click
  • Get much more from existing IT investments
Share Layouts within and Across Organizations:

Synervizion allows Team Members and Decision Makers to focus on the end result rather than wasting time assembling Data.

  • Create once, share and use anywhere
  • Each layout can be shared with targeted individuals and groups
  • Data within a layout can be “locked” to block changes
  • An unlimited number of individuals may be assigned to receive
    any given layout
  • Share a layout in a click of a mouse
Move Easily from one layout and task to Another:

A Time Saver, Synervizion allows you to pick up where you left off…whether today or far into the future.

  • Saved layouts may be re-launched at any time
  • The system houses a listing of all layouts which have been created
    for easy reference
  • Move from one layout to another in a click of a mouse

Whether in the office or in the field:

SynerVizion may be launched and used quickly and easily. Interact with SynerVizion data on many different devices:

Desktops | Laptops | Android Compatible Devices| Interactive White Boards

...come on and get organized for faster, smarter decisions and actions