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Your clients will find the features and benefits of Synervizion far superior to other data management software on the market!

Synervizion enables and enhances Other Technologies:

Your existing IT investments are more powerful because SynerVizion seamlessly links them with compatible applications and data sources.

The Business Applications Are Far-Reaching:

Possible business applications are virtually endless. These are just a few examples:

Legal Profession: Each client file can be formatted into a layout. Paralegals might collect and assemble legal briefs, research and documents before passing the layout to a lead attorney. In turn, the data can be manipulated, saved and presented from within this one layout. Associate attorneys can review, add further data and follow up. Reference is quick and easy. Via layouts, attorneys may toggle from case to case.

Healthcare: Patient and diagnostic case research, charts, x-rays, test results and more can be saved in a patient layout. Full layouts can easily be shared with attending physicians and specialists so that everyone involved has the benefit of all background information. Rather than paper information, nurses may use electronic devices to record patient vitals for physician review.

Financial Services: Client files can be saved in layouts. Real-time investment information can be streamed into the layout, giving Brokers the ability to access and re-assess strategies by simply launching the layout. Move from client to client by simply toggling between layouts.


Increase Your Revenues and Profits:

Sell SynerVizion as a stand-alone product to increase your revenues

Add SynerVizion to the technologies you already offer-- more sales = more profits

Comprehensive Training and Technical Support:
  • Telephone customer support
  • On site, train-the-trainer available
  • Participation in ZelTech seminars and symposiums
  • Full access to marketing and training materials for Synervizion

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