About Our Company

ZelTech delivers expert advice, critical technologies and cost-effective solutions to help customers gather essential knowledge, collaborate efficiently, decide quickly and act decisively. Our corporate office is in Hampton, Virginia, and we operate at over twenty locations in the United States and overseas. Our staff includes experienced operational specialists, analysts, engineers, scientists, and program managers. We have a wide array of contract vehicles, enabling easy access to our assistance. ZelTech is a veteran and minority owned professional services and information technology solutions business.

Core Values

  • Our achievements depend entirely on the success of our employees, customers and partners.
  • Excellence begins with a shared commitment to moral and ethical behavior and full accountability.
  • ZelTech’s people make the difference. We owe each person a challenging, fair, and positive environment that excites their passions and gives them every opportunity to contribute and grow.
  • We exist to fulfill the unique needs of each customer. We seek continuously to deliver solutions of maximum benefit and lasting value.
  • We are committed to strong partnerships based on mutual advantage and support.
  • We work daily to protect the environment and improve the lives of those who need our help, especially in the communities where we live and work.
ZelTech designed SynerVizion® to give our customers powerful and versatile new capabilities to decide and act on critical tasks in real time.

SynerVizion is a client server application that works easily with existing IT architectures.