Live Range services

ZelTech offers range enhancements and complete refurbishment of existing targets and range control systems through technology upgrades and overall system refurbishment.

Our approach provides for an economical savings by using the original housing and other functioning components, saving our customers from purchasing new targetry equipment. Upgrading existing target equipment with state-of-the-art technology insertions is accomplished at 40 percent of the cost of a new target lifter in most cases.

ZelTech Training Solution's typical on-site range refurbishment includes:

  • Total restoration and modernization of the housing, making it serviceable and watertight.
  • Inspection/replacement (where necessary) of motors, wiring harnesses, links, axles, gearboxes and target arms.
  • Inspection of all internal components for rust, tears, corrosion and uneven wear patterns.
  • Installation of the new ZelTech controller board (CCA).
  • Upgrading the operating and communication system to the customer's needs.
  • Testing all devices with standardized cycle tests.

In the past, we have provided:

  • BES II build and upgrade.
  • Electronics Upgrades Kit.
  • Hit Sensors Replacement.
  • Laser Target Interface Device (LTID) installation:
    • The LTID is a target interface controller that connects to a string of MILES detectors attached to a target and the target lift controller. It allows targets to be instrumented and activated with MILES systems to emulate live fire. The LTID features a weapons-type switch for selectable lethality settings.
  • Target rebuild operations: MAT/MIT, SAT, SAT/MAT Hydraulic Lift Unit, SIT, SIT/MIT Lift Motors and Universal Motherboard.
  • Range Infrastructure Improvements: MOUT Camera System, RF Unit upgrades, Range PA Systems and Range Camera Systems.

In addition, we offer the following services:

  • Engineering - from architecture and design to continued support.
  • Extended Service Plans - after expiration of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty, we offer extended service plans for all manufacturers target equipment.
Live-Fire Range Services

Live Fire Range Services