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Difficult Live Training Requirements?

ZelTech Training Solutions has Your Solution.

ZelTech Training Solutions, LLC is committed to providing highly effective live training products and realistic battlefield simulations that prepare tomorrow’s Warfighters for any potential threat.

In today’s tough fiscal environment, the expense of large-scale redesign or deployment of new systems can be challenging. We help our customers overcome these challenges with innovative designs that are economical to produce, easy to maintain and will perform reliably.

We also extend the useful life and upgrade fielded products and systems capability through smart technology insertion, ensuring substantially upgraded performance and reliability, while also greatly reducing life-cycle costs.

Tactical Force-on-Force/Force-on-Target Training
  • Training range instrumentation and control
  • Instrumented battlefield and weapon effects simulation
  • MILES development, production, modernization and support
  • MOUT instrumentation
  • Vehicle and weapon instrumentation
Training Support and Services
  • Training systems installations
  • Live-fire range installations
  • Life-cycle services and support
  • Enhanced training programs
  • Embedded training systems
Research and Development and Cost Effective Technology Insertion
  • Eye-safe laser training technology
  • Area weapons simulation technology
  • MILES reference standard