Engineering Expertise that Makes a Difference

Our seasoned engineering team specializes in the rapid development of live training instrumented solutions and is ready to create a solution for you:

  • Design of full training ranges
  • Radio and radar systems
  • Live to virtual interfaces
  • Embedded designs
  • Laser and optical designs, from ultraviolet to 10 microns
  • Rangefinders
  • Specialty engineering elements of optical, safety, reliability, maintainability and risk

Our expertise includes firmware and software design capabilities and tools, multiple microprocessor and micro-controller systems, and subsystems using Android, Linux, Microsoft, C+ variants, IEEE 1553 and ZigBee. Additionally we have extensive experience in:

  • Optical Design
    • Laser energy
    • Divergence
    • Density and detailed pattern
    • Profiling
    • Multi-wavelength comparison studies
    • Optical amplification
    • Alignments

  • Mechanical Model/Machine Shop
    • Modern CNC-based machining capabilities, with output linked to 3-D CAD data from mechanical design software, ensuring the highest possible fidelity between CAD design and final product.

  • Textile Modeling Shop
    • Our facility’s multi-component, heavy-gauge sewing and textile cutting center allows for full textile development of harnesses, belting and packaging.

  • Full 3-D Mechanical Modeling
    • Our full SolidWorks design center provides parametrically linked parts and assemblies to reduce engineering time by establishing complete characteristics during the modeling phase. Distribution of E-Drawings of systems allows our customers to see and manipulate 3-D articles in their completed state as the designs are processed, in an effort to eliminate uncertainties before devices are produced.

  • 3-D Electrical Design Tools
    • Our electro-mechanical tools enhance a concurrent design environment, allowing electrical and mechanical model transfers and full 3-D characterizations for more accurate and complete designs.

  • Automated PDM to MRP Design Transfer
    • This process allows faster, more efficient and accurate engineering to manufacturing data transfer, update and interaction, without the mistakes associated with manual and semi-automated methods currently employed by most manufacturers.

  • RF Design Capabilities
    • Our design team has experience in development, incorporation and augmentation of a number of different types of RF design elements including ZigBee, Wi-Fi, range control RF designs and similar elements.

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